Metropolitan Universities journal (MUJ) is the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities’ quarterly online journal. Founded in 1990, the journal disseminates scholarship on cutting-edge topics impacting urban and metropolitan colleges and universities. It is a peer-reviewed, open access publication—which means that it employs traditional methods of evaluating manuscripts while ensuring that those accepted for publication are freely available to anyone interested in the issues and themes covered. MUJ’s readership includes those working to address issues facing modern universities and the communities they serve. Authors bring diverse institutional and professional perspectives to showcasing applications of theory and best practices to these issues.


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Current Issue

Vol. 30 No. 2 Partnering for Equity: Chicago Conference Issue

Partnering to address wicked problems, increasing access and pathways to success, and intentionally contributing to the economic well-being of our communities are just some of the ways that urban and metropolitan universities are addressing issues of equity. However, as our keynote speaker, Dr. Pauline Lipman, articulated, institutions of higher education have often participated in and even further institutionalized inequity. The 2018 CUMU Annual Conference challenged attendees and presenters to extend their commitment to equity through critical dialogue, stronger collaborations, strengthened infrastructure, increased financial commitments, and strategic planning.

Issue 30.2 ‘Partnering for Equity: Chicago Conference Issue’ includes articles based on speeches and presentations from the 2018 conference. It is our hope that they inspire you as they have inspired us.

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Upcoming Issues

Metropolitan Universities journal seeks to showcase how urban-identified colleges and universities in Asia are defining and pursuing their social and economic responsibility. This issue reflects the Journal’s commitment to providing an international forum for diverse institutional perspectives on the growing role of community engagement in higher education. We welcome evidence-based manuscripts that examine how higher education in Taiwan and across east Asia is being shaped by dynamic social, economic, political and demographic change that increases attention to university social responsibility. This issue seeks to identify the challenges and effective strategies related to developing and participating in global partnerships, cross-sector and inter-institutional collaboration, and initiatives that are meant to stimulate university intellectual engagement through social and economic development.

Guest Editors: Carol Ma, Ph.D., Singapore University of Social Sciences; Thera Chiu, Taipei Medical University; Lim Tai Wei, Singapore University of Social Sciences

Issue Date: August 2019

Guest Editor: Valerie Holton, Ph.D.

Issue Date: November 2019

Guest Editors: Bridgette Cram, Ph.D. and Elizabeth M. Bejar, Ph.D., Florida International University

Issue Date: February 2020

Guest Editors: Nyeema Watson, Ph.D., Rutgers University–Camden and Jennifer Johnson Kebea, Ed.D., Drexel University

Issue Date: May 2020

Editorial Team

The Metropolitan Universities journal editorial board is made up of leaders in higher education whose areas of academic expertise and research are tied to CUMU’s mission and values. The editorial board assists in the solicitation and review of articles for submission and advise on the journal’s policy and scope. Current members are:

  • Joe Allen, PhD, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Gloria Crisp, EdD, Oregon State University
  • Lina Dostilio, EdD, University of Pittsburgh
  • Azuri Gonzalez, The University of Texas at El Paso
  • Peter T. Englot, Rutgers University–Newark
  • Emily M. Janke, PhD, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Kristin Elise Norris, PhD, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Maryann Villarreal, PhD, California State University, Fullerton