The University of Chicago is a private urban research university founded in 1890. From the Chicago School of Economics to pioneering social service scholarship in the U.S., the University of Chicago is renowned for putting forth ideas that change the way we live and think.

The University of Chicago has its main campus on Chicago’s South Side and seven international campuses and centers throughout the world. Students can choose from 53 majors and 47 minors in the undergraduate College, with four divisions and seven professional schools for graduate study.

A history of commitment to free expression

Freedom of expression is a core element of the history and culture of the University of Chicago. A commitment to the principles of free speech and academic freedom, and their importance to rigorous and open scholarly inquiry, can be traced back to the earliest days of the University.

In 2014, President Robert J. Zimmer and Provost Eric Isaacs appointed a committee of faculty to articulate “the University’s overarching commitment to free, robust, and uninhibited debate.” The resulting “Chicago Principles” have since been adopted by universities and colleges across the country.

Supporting community in Chicago and beyond

While outreach efforts span the globe, UChicago places a distinct emphasis on supporting its neighbors on the South Side of Chicago. UChicago’s programs directly serve thousands of people each year, extending a wide range of university resources to neighboring communities and the city as a whole.

As the South Side’s leading economic anchor, UChicago is making a strong, lasting contribution to Chicago’s economic health through investments in:

  • Civic Infrastructure: The University provides broad, capacity-building support for community-based nonprofits and civic leaders.
  • Community Health: The University and UChicago Medicine are committed to promoting health equity and access to care on the South Side so that all residents have the opportunity to thrive.
  • Economic Opportunity and Entrepreneurship: We create job opportunities for local residents, support small businesses through workshops and industry connections, while also helping local entrepreneurs address challenges and develop new strategies for growth.
  • K-12 Education: We demonstrate our commitment to urban education through programs and initiatives that serve pre-K through high school and foster college readiness, while partnering with educators to strengthen our city’s schools.
  • Public Safety: The University and UChicago Medicine work with community partners to reduce violence and address its root causes, build safer communities, and help those affected by violence.
  • Arts and Culture: As a partner in the South Side’s rich and storied arts community, UChicago works to provide cultural opportunities, resources, and programs that reflect its community, resonate across the city, and are renowned around the world.

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