CUMU is pleased to announce that Rochelle Smarr, director for service learning and civic engagement at California State University, San Marcos, will serve as program facilitator for the fall 2021 Learning & Sharing Virtual Series.

Rochelle advocates for applied-learning programs that connect students to meaningful community engagement opportunities that deepen student critical reflection on social concerns, along with fostering active citizenship in one’s community, locally and globally. Rochelle serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the International Association for Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE). Locally, she is a member of the San Diego chapter of the League of Women Voters (LWVSD) and is the Director of Diversity Recruitment and Campus/University Relations for the Del Mar-Leucadia chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

Rochelle earned her BA in English from San Jose State and MA in Educational Leadership, Politics, and Advocacy from New York University, both with honors. Currently, she is an educational leadership doctoral candidate at University of California, San Diego and California State University San Marcos.