Mount Saint Mary College is a private Catholic college located in Newburgh, NY. Founded in 1959 by the Dominican Sisters, the college’s academic presence in Newburgh date back to 1883. The college’s roots in education, and in the training of educators, date back even further to the 13th century and Saint Dominic. Today, community service and engagement are at the core of Mount Saint Mary College’s mission.

In 2019, President Jason Adsit unveiled a comprehensive, institution-wide commitment to service-learning and community engagement. “Mount Saint Mary College is going to become the most community service-oriented college in the United States. We are going to move into the future by embracing and amplifying the concept that is at our core: Service matters.”

The initiative is designed to have a significant impact on the Newburgh and regional communities, provide valuable experiences for students to prepare them for future careers and show them the value of service, and help connect the college with those who want to serve.

To support this vision, Mount Saint Mary College is developing the Desmond Center for Community Engagement and Wellness, which will provide medical and educational services for underserved individuals and families, including the uninsured. The center will also offer educational workshops, family counseling services, fitness checks, immunizations, professional development events, and more for local residents.

Once complete, the center is expected to serve more than 4,000 residents per year. In addition to providing opportunities for area educators and professionals to volunteer their services, the center will also house the college’s Desmond programming for adult enrichment.

In November 2021, lifelong Newburgh resident Genesis Ramos was named executive director of the Desmond Center for Community Engagement and Wellness. Ramos oversees the center’s staffing, program development, and community outreach, among other responsibilities.

“There is a critical need for the Desmond Center for Community Engagement and Wellness in our community,” said Ramos. “It’s truly an honor to be at the helm this initiative that will become a community hub serving our community inclusively.”

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