Metropolitan Universities journal publishes manuscripts on topics pertinent to urban and metropolitan institutions. Most issues are organized thematically and edited by a guest editor(s) who invites prospective authors to prepare submissions. Guest editors are typically selected from CUMU member institutions and represent a variety of academic backgrounds and fields of expertise.

MUJ accepts unsolicited manuscripts for themed and non-themed issues. Manuscripts must present critical, evidence-based studies on matters relevant to urban and metropolitan universities including programs, policies, initiatives and the application of ideas at an institutional, system or regional level.

Estimated time from initial submission to publication: five to six months.

Metropolitan Universities is a peer-reviewed, open access publication primarily organized around thematic issues that are considered from diverse individual and institutional viewpoints.

We welcome manuscripts that provide critical, evidence-based studies on urban and metropolitan university initiatives, including programs, policies, and application of ideas at an institutional, system or regional level. Ideally, authors will examine efforts that have been in place long enough to show both positive and/or negative results as measured through data collection, research and/or evaluation processes. To allow readers to apply ideas and strategies in other settings, authors should provide a clear description of the challenges and lessons learned. Papers that offer descriptions of initiatives without research or evaluation elements will not be accepted. Preference is given to those manuscripts that demonstrate innovation and impact and include perspectives across multiple institutions.

We ask that authors, in a reasoned and rigorous fashion, are provocative and challenge readers to reexamine traditional definitions, concepts, policies, and procedures. We invite contributions that identify, analyze and discuss:

  • Emerging policy issues
  • Innovative programs or projects
  • New organizational and procedural approaches
  • Pedagogic developments
  • Issues related to urban higher education

Authors are expected to prepare manuscripts consistent with our Instructions for Authors.

The editor welcomes proposals for future thematic issues. Prospective guest editors should describe their theme briefly, and submit a summary of the proposed topic and potential authors who would be appropriate for the issue.

Download the Metropolitan Universities journal Instructions for Authors

Upon receipt of a manuscript, it will be reviewed for observance of the following minimal standards. A manuscript not meeting these standards will be returned to the author(s) for modification and will not be placed into the review process until these standards have been met.

  • The manuscript should be free of grammatical errors and should adhere to the requirements of APA style.
  • The manuscript must be 7,000 words or less, inclusive of references, tables, figures, etc.

Metropolitan Universities journal is managed through OJS (Open Journal Systems). To submit an abstract or a complete manuscript, you must create an account on our OJS website.

  1. Click on “Register” in the upper right of the homepage to create your user account.

Once you have registered, please go to the “User Home” tab, where you will see Author listed as your role. You can then follow these steps to submit your manuscript:

  1. Click on the “New Submission” link to the right of where it says “Author.”
  2. Select the type of document you will be submitting from the drop-down list, an “article.”
  3.  In the “comments for the editor” section, please list the specific issue theme you are submitting an abstract for, e.g. “collective impact” or “conference issue.” Click “Save and continue” to proceed to the next step.
  4.  Following the instructions on the next page, upload your manuscript (Microsoft Word files only).
  5. Enter the required metadata: title, abstract, keywords, and references.
  6. Fill out the author data (if there is more than one author, click “Add Author” at the bottom of this section), the title of the manuscript, an abstract, and the references.
  7.  Upload any supplementary material you have following the steps from earlier. If not, proceed to the next step.
  8.  Finally, when your manuscript and information are ready, click “Finish Submission.”

Once you have submitted your manuscript, you can go to the “User Home” tab and click on “Active Submissions” to monitor where your manuscript is in the editing process.

You will receive email updates about whether your manuscript has been selected, whether it needs any revisions, and if the editors have any questions about it.

If you have any technical issues with the online system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I have received more inquiries about my MUJ articles than any academic journal where I have published.  It’s been an excellent, accessible resource to refer people to, especially faculty and administrators who have questions about the work I do and its importance to higher education in cities?

Howard Rosing, PhD, DePaul University


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