Founded in 1990, Metropolitan Universities journal disseminates scholarship on cutting-edge topics pertinent to urban and metropolitan colleges and universities. The Journal is a peer-reviewed, open access publication—which means that it employs traditional methods of evaluating manuscripts while ensuring that those accepted for publication are freely available to anyone interested in the issues and themes covered.

Metropolitan Universities readership includes those working to address issues facing modern universities and the communities they serve. We encourage authors with diverse institutional and professional perspectives to present research on the best practices and applications of theory that advance these efforts.

Aims and Scope

Metropolitan Universities presents critical, evidence-based studies and perspectives relevant to urban and metropolitan universities, including: 

  • Emerging policy issues
  • Innovative programming
  • Effective organizational and procedural approaches
  • Pedagogic developments

Prospective authors are encouraged to review recent issues of the Journal and themes for the CUMU Annual Conference in order to understand the range of our core readership’s substantive interests.

Metropolitan Universities prioritizes manuscripts describing work at an institutional, system or regional level. Preference is given to those manuscripts that demonstrate innovation and impact, and include perspectives across multiple institutions.

We ask that authors, in a reasoned and rigorous fashion, challenge readers to reexamine traditional definitions, concepts, policies, and procedures. Ideally, authors will report efforts that have been in place long enough to show both positive and/or negative results as measured through data collection, research and/or evaluation processes. To allow readers to apply ideas and strategies in other settings, authors should provide a clear description of the challenges and lessons learned. 

Papers that offer descriptions of initiatives without research or evaluation elements will not be accepted.

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

Our publication ethics and publication malpractice statement is mainly based on the Code of Conduct and Best-Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors (Committee on Publication Ethics, 2011).


Peer Review Policy

All research articles in Metropolitan Universities journal undergo peer review by substantive experts and scholars. Manuscripts are first subject to editor screening to assess fit with the Journal’s Aims and Scope, and readiness for review. Each manuscript is then evaluated by at least two reviewers, as well as the guest editor, as applicable. The executive editor is responsible for making the final determination on all submissions.

Indexes & Abstracts

Articles in Metropolitan Universities journal are indexed by EBSCO, ERIC (Education Resources Information Center), Google Scholar, ProQuest, Ovid, and Taylor & Francis.

Copyright & Reuse

All content is published under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 licensing, which enables authors to retain copyright while allowing others to copy, distribute, and make some uses of their work, provided full credit is given to them as originators. Authors selected for publication will sign an agreement with Metropolitan Universities journal acknowledging this and other acceptable uses of their work.