The Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU) is actively developing programs and initiatives that seek to inform our work, as a coalition, to help us all address the systemic racism, inequities, and violence paralyzing our society.

One element of CUMU’s portfolio of resources is our quarterly online journal, Metropolitan Universities. The journal was founded in 1990, and for the past thirty years, it has sought to disseminate scholarship on cutting-edge topics pertinent to urban and metropolitan colleges and universities. Archives are available online for all issues since founding.

Although there has been progress and change over time, the issues of racism and injustice have been stubbornly persistent. These issues are so ingrained in organizations and systems, and institutions of higher education are not immune to their perils.

With thirty years of archived journal issues and articles available, we wanted to highlight some that focus explicitly on race, equity, and success of underrepresented populations. Of course, more work, focus, and research needs to be done on successful anti-racist practices in higher education, but we hope these will be useful to provide ideas to start conversations and dialogue.

We encourage you to submit a manuscript on research addressing these pressing issues. Articles are subject to a rigorous and thorough peer-revision process.