Social and Economic Responsibilities of Universities in Taiwan and East Asia

Metropolitan Universities journal seeks to showcase how urban-identified colleges and universities in Taiwan and across east Asia are defining and pursuing their social and economic responsibility. This issue reflects the Journal’s commitment to providing an international forum for diverse institutional perspectives on the growing role of community engagement in higher education. We welcome manuscripts that explore how higher education in Asia is shaping and being shaped by dynamic social, economic, political and demographic change. This issue will inform those developing and participating in global partnerships, cross-sector and inter-institutional collaboration, and initiatives that stimulate university engagement through social and economic development.

We welcome abstracts for proposed manuscripts that provide critical, evidence-based reflections on university social and economic responsibility initiatives, including programs, policies, and application of ideas at an institutional or system level. Ideally, authors will examine efforts that have been in place long enough to show both positive and/or negative results as measured through data collection, research and/or evaluation processes. To allow readers to apply ideas and strategies in other settings, authors should provide a clear description of the challenges and lessons learned.

Focus Areas

We invite authors to focus on topics such as:

  • Impact of urban/metropolitan location and context on institutional mission and identity
  • National, local, and institution specific policies and their impact on university social and economic responsibility
  • Collaborative academic-community partnerships, including those across multiple sectors
  • Infrastructure and resourcing to support university social and economic responsibility
  • Innovative initiatives and approaches to research and teaching that involve mutually-beneficial academic-community partnerships
  • Alignment of university social and economic responsibility with other strategic priorities
  • How efforts to embrace social and economic responsibility illuminate and challenge prevailing assumptions about expertise, community, and the systems and practices that arise from traditional notions of research, teaching, and decision-making

Abstract Submission Guidelines

We invite submissions of abstracts in English describing proposed papers for this issue. Submission of abstracts should be prepared in accordance with the MUJ Article Submission and Editorial Guidelines and should be no more than 1,000 words.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is September 15, 2018. We expect to complete reviews of abstracts and notify those who are invited to submit full manuscripts by October 1, 2018. Full manuscripts will enter the standard peer review process which will lead to the final determination of acceptance/rejection.

This issue is scheduled for publication in August 2019.

Please direct any questions regarding this issue to Valerie Holton, Executive Editor, at

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