Presented by University of Denver

WORC (Whites Organizing for Racial Consciousness) is an informal campus network who holds space for University of Denver community members to support racial justice and the responsibility white people have in building a more just and fair community in solidarity with people of color. (Any discussion of identity is intersectional; however, the focus of this group is to discuss racial identity.)

Participants are determined to “do the WORC” within our own campus to make our larger community fair, just, and safe. WORC is designed to encourage reflection, including receiving and offering critical feedback.

Our session will focus on how WORC functions on our campus to contribute to racial justice work that is accountable to BIPOC communities. We will share what has worked (and not worked) in our context, with the acknowledgement that we must constantly adapt; rather than seek praise as ‘good white people’. We will share how we’ve fostered a space to organize white folks for racial justice that is open to folks of all races. Session will include sharing ways we’ve mobilized white folks to take action in response to state violence against Black communities.