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More than a diversity statement: Infusing EDI in the everyday (00:00)

Presented by James Wilkening, University of Central Florida; Nikki Vance, University of Oregon; and Sean Foley, Arizona State University

Cultivating Diversity and Inclusiveness is not just a goal and checkmark at the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center. For current and past members on the team, it is has become a way of life. As three white, cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied folx, Jim, Nikki, & Sean believe it’s important to live out EDI personally and professionally. Diversity is a huge part of our work and a major point of passion for us. Simply having a diversity statement is not enough. Join us to learn more about our journeys with diversity, how we have learned to infuse EDI efforts into the everyday, and how student affairs professionals can do the same.

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Addressing basic needs through bridge-building cross campus (25:29)

Presented by Susan Larkin and Heather Campbell, Virginia Wesleyan University

Virginia Wesleyan University has been striving to develop more holistic and structured support for students with a variety of needs. In August of 2021, VWU piloted its WesBridge Program to help meet some basic student needs. The goal for the program is to bring at-risk students to campus ahead of the fall semester and have them complete coursework, develop skills to help them succeed academically, build a cohort, build relationships with faculty, staff, and student mentors, to connect and become comfortable with the campus and surrounding community.

The pilot year of this program has yielded some good successes and also provided useful lessons for the program going forward. We have already begun recruiting for the 2022 program, which will feature some substantial changes. This session will discuss the partnership between Enrollment and Academic Affairs in building relationships with and providing support to students; the evolution of the program; successful strategies for building bridge programs; and challenges and opportunities that presented themselves.

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