This session includes multiple presentations. Timestamps are indicated in parentheses so you can forward to the presentation you want to view.

Connecting community wealth-building to the core academic mission (00:00)

Presented by Jodi Bantley, Metropolitan State University, and Eva Song Margolis, Greater Twin Cities United Way

This presentation is designed to inspire faculty and staff to tap into community-driven initiatives and resources to cooperatively build pathways to living-wage employment for local job-seekers and to more broadly influence employment practices by leveraging and adapting the university’s academic assets and institutional networks. We will elevate the challenges, opportunities and learning involved in a Cybersecurity Certificate Training program piloted earlier this year through the Hmong American Partnership (St. Paul MN) and Metropolitan State University’s College of Science—an effort initiated by and now poised to expand through a broader coalition of place- and culturally-based workforce development agencies, the East Side Employment xChange. Participants will be encouraged to imagine the high-impact workforce development opportunities that could be crafted in their campus-community context and identify critical factors for success including clarity about “the why,” key trusting relationships, community partners’ goals and capacity, champions, institutional constraints and funding.

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Technology enabled rapid response: How a grassroots team launched an emergency food program and created thousands of community connections during the COVID-19 Pandemic (31:44)

Presented by Chris Powers, Jennifer Lucarelli, and Cameron Underdown, Oakland University

As a result of this presentation attendees will learn: 1) How to use technology to expand their capacity and make data driven decisions 2) How to engage a diverse set of stakeholder groups to accomplish big goals 3) How to pivot program delivery during a crisis.

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