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Student community engagement in a changing world (00:00)

Presented by Fletcher Beaudoin and Melia Tichenor, Portland State University

Our urban communities are facing a cascading set of vexing challenges that compel further action from university faculty, staff and students. At Portland State University (PSU) we are changing our approach to community-based learning and campus-community partnerships to match the needs of our changing region. PSU has long embraced its community-engaged mission, which runs throughout our curricular and extra-curricular offerings. This deep experience provides numerous examples of the critical roles that students play in serving our urban community both through their own individual participation in community work that matters to them most and through campus/community projects and relationships. As our on-going relationships with community partners continues to develop (in response to the expanding needs), so will the opportunities for student involvement in these efforts. One strategy being pursued is to spend more time learning from the experiences of our students so we can identify places where the institution can enhance or draw from existing student capacities and also where there are service gaps. The core goal is to support students in growing their social agency, which are the interests, skills and knowledge needed for advancing positive change in the world. During the session we will explore examples where our students are contributing to the health and well-being of the broader community through extracurricular experiences and the critical role of extracurricular activities in building a student’s social agency. In addition, the session will highlight new innovations in extracurricular programming that can expand our students confidence and commitment to advance change in their community.

Best practices for college access past, present, and national pandemic (24:00)

Presented by Natissia Small, University of Missouri–St Louis

College access providers continue to serve in a critical role for providing supports to promote high school completion and college matriculation. The award winning UMSL Bridge Program has received state, local and national recognition for college access supports provided to the St Louis community. This session will provide attendees with best practices utilized to maintain effective college access supports while enhancing services to middle and high school students.

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