Presented by University of Pretoria, Dallas College, Baylor University, Drexel University

Lightning presentations are roughly seven minutes in length and are paired with others into a single session. Timestamps are indicated in parentheses so you can forward to the presentation you want to view.

Storytelling in community engagement (00:00)

Presented by Helga Lister, Marike Smit, Michelle Janse van Rensburg and Nthabiseng Ramodisa, University of Pretoria

In 2021, the University of Pretoria in South Africa, initiated a storytelling project, aimed at amplifying citizen’s voices and ensuring that the first-hand experiences of community members would reach those in positions of power, to influence and adjust policies so that they are truly person-centered. The UNICEF-One Health for Change project involved the disciplines of Occupational Therapy, Family Medicine (COPC Research Unit), Information Science, Interior Architecture, School of the Arts and theology (Centre for Contextual Ministry). Using the participatory action research process as a guiding framework, the students collected stories from the community members throughout their service learning as well as facilitated the conceptual development of the social hubs. Information science students are currently converting the stories into digital e-books. This multi-stakeholder, interdisciplinary and interprofessional community engagement project has continuously adapted to the ever-changing environment, feedback loops and challenges that have arisen, including shifting students between blocks which influences handover, understanding of the need, community ownership, COVID regulations, availability of resources and communication limitations. However, the passion of all coordinators in the various programmes, the importance of the work being done, as well as the awareness of initiative requirements of all involved, enabled the project to achieve much in the hearts and minds of all involved. Lessons learnt include the benefits of partnerships and university-wide community engagement coordination, which can be implemented in other settings as well. This is an ongoing project. We are hoping that in 2022, the co-creation of hubs across the community will enable storytelling to be re-ignited as a community value, thus enabling societal change through shared connections.

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Be equipped: tools for difficult conversations (11:40)

Presented by Maya Thomas Fernandez, Dallas College

Learn ways to remain calm during a difficult conversation. Words to use and words to avoid will be discussed. Come with an open mind to learn in this quick 10 minute powerful presentation!

Envisioning equity (20:09)

Presented by Holly Burchett and Cuevas Peacock, Baylor University

Envisioning Equity is a program that was created during the Fall of 2020. To this date, the program has been implemented through a virtual platform; however, plans are in place to provide in person programming this year. Envisioning Equity is a program designed to encourage learning from local and national leaders in a variety of fields that impact education, health, criminal justice and economic development.

Case competitions and engaging students in an institutional climate agenda (30:26)

Presented by Jen Britton, Drexel University

As Drexel has launched an effort to build a comprehensive climate and sustainability strategy, we have created opportunities for students to be part of the work of both problem solving and creating a vision of a climate-friendly campus culture. One of these opportunities is a case competition in which we have invited students to participate on interdisciplinary teams to generate creative solutions to a challenge in a short amount of time. These high impact experiences have given students—including incoming first-year students—peer networking opportunities as well as a way to get invested in shaping Drexel’s identity in climate problem solving. In this presentation we’ll share about how we designed our competition challenges and what students have had to say about their experiences.