Presented by University of Nebraska at Omaha

The panel will describe the development and implementation of a campus-wide effort to expand and initiate campus/community projects focused on inequality, race, and class where the university is an academic partner with community organizations to effect mutually beneficial positive change whether through supporting students, translational research, or high impact experiences.

This Big Idea builds on a Big Ideas process initiated in Fall 2019 that identified 6 Big Ideas as campus priorities. The 7th Big Idea: Inequality, Race, and Class enhances campus collaboration, coordination, and expansion of current efforts and provides opportunities, working alongside community partners, to develop new initiatives. The 7th Big Idea is a theme that will inform investment in multiple projects that may be new or scaling up existing efforts that can effect meaningful change in the life of our citizenry.

Takeaways will include discussion of the challenges and successes with:

  1. Engaging community partners in the development, evaluation, and implementation of the Big Idea.
  2. Identifying metrics for success.
  3. Creating an environment that encourages collaboration and deep listening especially to frequently marginalized and community voices.
  4. Developing the resources to prioritize this effort.