Presented by: Temple University

This conversation will be sponsored by The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program® — an educational initiative that began as one class in 1997 and has grown into an international program. Classes are held inside prisons/jails — half of the participants are campus-based students and half are incarcerated students. Across the Inside-Out network, including 1100 instructors trained in this unique learning approach, many disciplines and topics are covered. This conversation will focus on issues of race and justice. Given the times in which we are living, the relationship between race and the system involved in the administration of justice has taken center stage; this conversation will grapple with many attendant questions head-on. Inside-Out learning is focused on dialogue and engagement as its central methodology, which will be employed here, both in the large group and in smaller break-out groups (with various combinations of people), around issues involving the relationship between race/racism and justice. The maximum number for this conversation would be 20 people, not including the facilitators. In terms of take-aways, the hope is that everyone will come to a deeper understanding of this very complex reality. It is also hoped that the various modes of exchange used will offer new ideas to participants that could be utilized in their classes and other settings.