Presented by University of Central Florida

Students are often overwhelmed by the abundant, and oftentimes disconnected, resources that universities offer. This presentation will explain how UCF Downtown is bringing a holistic and collaborative approach to their student services team. The role of the Student Learning and Academic Success Graduate Assistant is to connect students to high-impact practices across six departments through a one-stop model. During these 30-minute meetings, students are able to learn about a variety of opportunities to help them succeed at UCF and beyond, tailored to their individual career goals and plans, including undergraduate research, study abroad, internships, and graduate school preparations. This role works closely with other offices, especially Career Services, to ensure that students are able to blend what they’re learning in the classroom with real-world experiences and translate their skills to resumes and interviews. In this presentation, we’ll share exciting initiatives of this position, how we’ve marketed their services this semester, and innovative plans for the future. Attendees will be able to implement ideas to support their own coordinated care network, scalable to all institution sizes.