Presented by Florida International University

For over 20 years, FIU Online has been on the cutting edge of digital course design. When the coronavirus pandemic caused a rapid shift to remote learning, we knew we had to deploy our know-how to support K-12 educators. To that end, FIU Online created CLICK-12, a four-part webinar series that shared best practices with K-12 teachers meeting the challenge of digitizing their classrooms fast.

While we suspected a general hunger for dependable expertise in online learning, the results exceeded our expectations: over 3,750 teachers registered for our webinars, representing upwards of 1,000 schools from around the globe, including 48 states in the US and 34 countries, namely Canada, the Bahamas, Venezuela, North Macedonia, and Brazil.

Our success ultimately came down to K-12 educators’ immediate need for quickly obtaining well-tested basics and evidence-based practices that guaranteed quality remote learning. And it’s the elements of that success that we want to share with the 2020 Learning & Sharing Virtual Series attendees.

Our presentation will not only address CLICK-12’s impact on K-12 educators, but also share some of the most widely appreciated webinar takeaways, including tips for producing high-quality videos from home; inexpensive but high-impact ed-tech tools; and the various online organizational structures available to educators with wide a spectrum of students needs.