This session includes multiple presentations. Timestamps are indicated in parentheses so you can forward to the presentation you want to view.

Insight to Impact: Sharing Data from K12 to Postsecondary within the Central Florida Education Ecosystem (CFEED) (00:00)

Presented by Magdalena Fernandez Civil, University of Central Florida; Druanna Mozingo, Valencia College; Nicole Scala, School District of Osceola County

The Central Florida Education Ecosystem Database (CFEED) is an innovative collaborative partnership among School District of Osceola County, Orange County Public Schools, Valencia College, and University of Central Florida. Our presentation will focus on how data sharing across our ecosystem can have an impact on student success. We will share how CFEED research is used to make positive impacts within the ecosystem.

We will first cover the origins of CFEED and how our data is shared among our four institutions. We then will describe our main aspects of research—transition points between academic levels from kinder to bachelors. As an example, we will show a dashboard that highlights research analyzing major readiness for students at Valencia College who are good candidates for DirectConnect at UCF. We define major readiness as: the potential for students to successfully graduate in a specified major at UCF after transfer. Our research shows that there are specific courses taken at Valencia College that increase success at UCF based upon the UCF entry major. Since we have access to K12 districts data, we can also view the historical information of some of our potential DirectConnect students. This data allows us a greater understanding of their complete academic career. We will conclude our presentation by demonstrating how we can turn insight into actions.

We hope to show attendees how data sharing across K-12 and postsecondary institutions can have a positive impact throughout the academic careers of students within Central Florida.

More information on the DirectConnect to UCF pathway program can be found at

The Institute for Leadership and Action: Investing in Student Success Through Relational Leadership and Student-Centered Learning (18:35)

Presented by Michael D’Italia and Alex Iffland, Rutgers University-Camden

The Institute for Leadership and Action exists to empower student leaders by immersing them in a community committed to mutual support, collaborative learning, and collective impact. Despite challenges related to an online learning environment, the Institute has successfully engaged students in co-curricular experiences that have had a substantive impact on their practice of leadership, professional development, and whole-person thriving.

In this Best Practice session, key elements of the Institute’s student-centered program will be shared, along with relevant outcomes. Participants will learn how to use students’ values, interests, and development goals to guide programming that fosters mutual learning.