This session includes multiple presentations. Timestamps are indicated in parentheses so you can forward to the presentation you want to view.

A Strategic Response to Economic Development During COVID-19 (00:00)

Presented by University of Pennsylvania

Participants will learn how an anchor institution can strategically leverage its resources – financial, strategic, and human – to bring stability to local residents and small businesses in their surrounding community after and during the upheaval brought about COVID-19. Participants gain insight into grant programs made at the small business and individual level, including the creation of criteria and a process of evaluating applications. Finally, participants learn about how to tie their anchor institution’s goals and values to that of their home city in way of community and economic development.

The Time is Now: Small Business Supports in the Time of COVID (22:40)

Presented by Johns Hopkins University

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Johns Hopkins had to immediately adjust its small business engagement approach to best support our small business partners, while simultaneously reducing costs. Attendees will learn:

  • How to launch and execute a digital engagement strategy.
  • How to partner with community and government bodies to maximize the use of resources.
  • How to partner with your procurement department to maximize opportunities and minimize impacts on local and small businesses.