Presented by Purdue University Fort Wayne

Purdue University Fort Wayne, a moderately sized and resource constrained regional public university, undertook collaborative planning and implementation efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The overarching goal of all our efforts has been to safely reopen our campus for in-person instruction and maintain a low-risk environment for our students and employees. Throughout this process we have aimed to leverage expertise and increase connections across the university by engaging hundreds of faculty and staff; promote innovation; and prioritize frequent, clear communication with campus and community stakeholders. We have paired proactive planning processes with flexible and solution-oriented responsiveness as those plans were implemented. We have also striven to document and reflect on the lessons we have learned in areas of instruction, communication, and student support to improve ongoing efforts and to transform aspects of our operations in the post-pandemic period.

Key takeaways from the presentation will include the role highly-participatory planning processes can play in building trust in subsequent implementation efforts; the critical importance of effective coordination and communication in long-term, multi-pronged university initiatives; and the value of intentional reflection and learning to improve institutional resilience and performance.