Johns Hopkins University’s commitment to Baltimore is based on a simple idea: The health and well-being of the university are inextricably tied to the physical, social, and economic well-being of the city. JHU is not just in Baltimore, but truly and proudly of Baltimore.

JHU’s commitment to its hometown began with founder and namesake, Johns Hopkins, whose bequest established a hospital and a university in Baltimore. Today, President Ronald J. Daniels has made strengthening ties to the community one of his top priorities through meaningful, deliberate, and strategic actions in collaboration with other local stakeholders.

“We are excited to join CUMU! In our strategic framework, called Ten by Twenty, we made a commitment to enrich our ties to the nation and world. Through CUMU we see an opportunity to learn from and with other institutions to continue to better Baltimore and affect urban communities around the world.” —Kylie Patterson, Sr. Advisor for Local Economic Inclusion, Johns Hopkins University

As the city’s largest private anchor institution, Johns Hopkins feels the pull of the issues facing Baltimore, as well as the wealth of opportunities offered for collaborations with our neighbors. JHU likes to say that they’re not just in Baltimore, but are truly and proudly of Baltimore.

Johns Hopkins is one of 33 CUMU members participating in the Higher Education Anchor Mission Initiative.

Here are just a few examples of how Johns Hopkins is making a difference in the communities they serve.