Metropolitan Universities journal is pleased to welcome Jen Early, Ph.D., as managing editor. In this role, she will lead authors, guest editors, and the editorial team through the production process to ensure we produce and release our quarterly publication in a timely and professional manner.

Dr. Early has spent over a decade in the space of urban institutes of higher education and academic medical centers. Jen is deeply dedicated to the democratization of knowledge and the deployment of place-based resources to enhance the well-being of communities.

“I am excited to reconnect with CUMU and Metropolitan Universities journal and I look forward to supporting the journal’s mission as managing editor,” said Early.

Jen first engaged with CUMU as a student researcher where she came to understand and embrace the tenants of community engagement. Her connection to CUMU deepened as she served as the director of community-engaged research at Virginia Commonwealth University and in her consulting role with the Democracy Collaborative. She continues to employ the grounding philosophy of community engagement and knowledge mobilization in her current role with VCU Health.

“Jen’s commitment to CUMU’s place-based mission coupled with a reputation for producing results will help to elevate the research and scholarship of our authors, while also elevating the status of the journal,” said Valerie Holton, Ph.D., CUMU executive director.

Join CUMU in welcoming Jen to our coalition.