First Digital Metropolitan Universities Journal Issue Released

After 26 years, 26 volumes, and 95 issues, CUMU’s higher education journal, Metropolitan Universities, has gone digital! Our first issue in 1990 addressed the identity and culture of metropolitan universities, touching on their common attributes, as well as their diversity. Since then, issue themes have run the gamut from faculty roles and rewards to student experiences and to our most recent issue about measuring our engagement with our communities.

Our first truly digital issue is available now! Volume 27, Issue 1 is entitled Love of Place: The Metropolitan University Advantage: 2015 CUMU National Conference in Omaha. This issue features articles from presenters at the 2015 CUMU Conference held in Omaha. It celebrates and recognizes the unique opportunities that metropolitan universities provide for their communities and their students. The articles all center on the idea of stewardship and being engaged in the communities that our universities are located in.

Articles in this issue range from reflections on service-learning courses and other community engagement programs to examining the role of collaboration in higher education in the digital age. They cover an excellent cross-section of the presentations at the 2015 conference and help to continue and encourage further discussion on these important topics facing our institutions.

Table of Contents

To read all of the articles, as well as the full archive of past issues, visit Metropolitan Universities online.