Faculty Reward Structures and Engaged Scholarship Journal Issue Released

Volume 27, Issue 2 of Metropolitan Universities is now available online. Entitled Recognizing Engaged Scholarship in Faculty Reward Structures: Challenges and Priorities, Vol. 27.2 focuses on practical and diverse approaches to the challenge of integrating engaged scholarship into academic culture and policies. Many of the eight featured articles were written by CUMU members who will be presenting at the CUMU Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. in October.

This issue also served as a passing of the Executive Editor baton from Dr. Barbara Holland to Dr. Valerie Holton.

The articles offer replicable examples of recognizing community-based work at the school, campus and system level and from a variety of urban and metropolitan institutions. As the academic workforce continues to evolve through the introduction of a growing new generation of scholars, every academic institution will need to consider how policies align with changing cultural values and scholarly methods of teaching, learning and research. In particular, these articles highlight the importance of an explicit alignment of policy, values and campus strategic directions.

—Dr. Barbara Holland, University of North Carolina Greensboro, Metropolitan Universities Strategy Advisor


As a new generation of faculty is recruited—a generation of faculty who deeply value community engagement and who are interested in new ways to disseminate their work—the importance of answering Boyer’s call (1990, 1996) to redefine scholarship is critical. The rich detail and insights gleaned from these papers can provide valuable lessons for institutions that are working to answer this call to align their faculty reward structures with their values and mission as metropolitan universities.

—Dr. Claire Cavallaro, California State University Fullerton, Metropolitan Universities Guest Editor

Table of Contents

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