April 3, 2024
All Day

Proposals for the 2024 CUMU Conference are due April 3.

We welcome proposals for sessions that highlight ongoing or completed work that yields data-informed insights for other institutions to learn from and build upon, within the following intersecting tracks that illuminate how our campuses and partnerships are redefining what is possible when we reach beyond boundaries.

  • Anchor strategies: What are effective strategies that positively contribute to regional well-being?
  • Belonging, equity, and justice: How do we move beyond rhetoric to advance belonging, equity, and justice for individuals and groups at the program, department, institutional and community levels?
  • Democracy: How can higher education play a constructive role in promoting democratic principles and engagement?
  • Impact: How do we know our efforts with and within communities are having the impact we intend?
  • K-16 partnerships: How do campuses initiate and build closer ties with primary, secondary, and/or higher education institutions and systems?
  • Social and economic mobility: How do campuses increase access for students facing barriers to education and help them succeed through graduation and into greater opportunities?
  • Session types and formats: The CUMU conference offers a range of formats that afford participants different methods to access and engage with innovative ideas.

Traditional sessions are 45 minutes in length and allow for in-depth conversations.

  • Community conversation
  • Mini workshop
  • Panel presentation
  • Research and impact presentation

Dynamic sessions are 75 minutes in length and allow presenters to share their work with larger groups of people in a more intimate, conversational setting.

  • Poster session
  • Roundtable

Pre-Conference Workshops are three hours in length and target specific audiences for interactive skill development and collaborative learning.