Since our founding in 1989, CUMU has been dedicated to providing members with platforms that allow for knowledge sharing with one another. The dissemination and exchange of knowledge and best practices is essential to move forward institutional place-based missions.

Traditionally, much of this exchange occurs in-person. However, impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic require everyone across the globe to adapt, react, and plan for a future that looks different than what we’re used to. Collaboration and shared knowledge is more important than ever, even though the means in which we connect will be different for the time being. At CUMU, the Anchor Learning Network was already utilizing Slack to collaborate virtually. We have decided to open up this resource for all CUMU members as a means to share ideas, ask questions, and provide examples of best practices as we plan for a stronger, more resilient future. Our goal is that this new tool will complement our other initiatives and resources and will be around when our work and lives begin to normalize.

What is Slack?

Slack is a cloud-based collaborative application that allows for networks to communicate seamlessly, informally, and more quickly than email or telephone. CUMU members can communicate directly with each other and be part of ‘channels,’ which are message boards separated by specific themes and topics. Messages are archived and searchable, allowing CUMU members to view, respond to, and communicate with one another.

Sign Up for Slack

Are you a current CUMU member? Click here to sign up.

You will be asked to input your email address. You will then receive an email directly from Slack with directions to verify your email address and to complete your account setup. There are multiple ways to access Slack; access it online, via the desktop app, or iPhone or Android app.

Using CUMU Slack channels

CUMU has developed this quick guide with additional detail on setting up notifications and other useful tools. We have created three channels to allow you to connect with us and other members.

  • #cumu_general: A place to ask general questions and to share useful resources, but are unrelated to COVID-19.
  • #cumu_member_opportunities: The place to share conference or presentation opportunities, webinar information, or job openings at your institution that you would like to have a broader audience.
  • #covid-19-resources: A place to ask for and share information regarding impacts and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you do not want to share your thoughts with the entire network, you can send individuals direct messages. This is helpful if you have a quick message for an individual, but you do not think it would benefit everyone else to see.



Reach out to Paul Davidson with questions. He’s here to help you get started with Slack.

Email Paul