CUMU hosts webinars featuring national leaders, CUMU members and community partners to provide in-depth information, tools, and resources to help you in your work. Topics focus on the issues most pertinent to CUMU members and their urban and metropolitan communities. Past topics have included
aligning community engagement with inclusive economic development, launching an anchor mission at your institution, and developing local hiring policies and partnerships. Webinar registration is open to CUMU members and non-members; depending on sessions, this is subject to change.

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A Call to Action with Hope: Considering the Intersection of Faith and Community Engagement at Urban Institutions

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 | 2–3 p.m. ET

As our cities continue to face the economic impacts of the pandemic, the imperative to advance racial justice and equity, heightened emotional and mental health trauma, and ongoing uncertainty about the future, religiously-affiliated institutions of higher education and local faith-based organizations must leverage their efforts in community engagement and remain focused on their fundamental mission to serve their communities. Join the editors of the most recent Metropolitan Universities journal issue to

  • consider the intersections of faith and community engagement at urban institutions
  • explore their methodology for co-authoring the introductory article and curating the journal issue
  • understand what they learned through the process along with their own motivations
  • recognize the critical role that a faith-driven hope must play in engagement moving forward

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Patrick Green, EdD
MUJ Guest Editor; Executive Director, Center for Experiential Learning; Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Education, Loyola University Chicago

Cynthia P. Stewart, PhD
MUJ Assistant Guest Editor; Director, Experiential Learning, Parkinson School of Public Health, Loyola University Chicago

Daniel J. Bergen, PhD
MUJ Assistant Guest Editor; Executive Director, Community Engagement, Marquette University

Christopher Nayve, JD, MBA
MUJ Assistant Guest Editor; Associate Vice President for Community Engagement & Anchor Initiatives, Mulvaney Center for Community, Awareness, and Social Action, University of San Diego