The Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities connects leaders and scholars of urban and metropolitan universities to share, discuss, and debate important issues facing our unique institutions and the cities we serve. Our research, teaching, and engagement agendas reflect the traits and ambitions of our membership and their communities.

CUMU focuses on creating spaces to understand the distinctiveness of the mission of urban and metropolitan universities through meetings and conferences, an internationally respected journal, outcome-based research, advocacy and public policy support, sharing best practices, and building rewarding connections among our membership and with our community partners.

The CUMU-TDC Anchor Learning Network (ALN) is designed to facilitate a more rapid and effective advancement of the anchor mission within member institutions, in home communities, and across the higher education sector. By leveraging a peer learning framework, ALN members will systematically transform higher education to fully serve its public mission and advance the long-term social, economic, and physical health of our campuses and communities.

CUMU members are able to participate in a series of free remote learning webinars on topics such as aligning community engagement with inclusive economic development, getting started with an anchor mission at your institution, and developing local hiring and/or procurement policies and the partnerships to implement them successfully.

CUMU’s hyperlocal research agenda looks at how CUMU member institutions are developing hyperlocal engagements—instances in which community engagement efforts are focused on a bounded area within a larger city or metropolitan region. These hyperlocal engagements often are supported by some form of built infrastructure such as a community engagement center. These hyperlocal commitments enable institutions to more closely track how it affects the area of engagement.

The Barbara A. Holland Scholar-Administrator Award honors a bold, mid-career scholar-administrator whose leadership and intellectual voice illuminates the transformative power of urban and metropolitan higher education. Holland Scholars are respected, strategic leaders across their institution who are known for contributing to cutting-edge research related to their administrative role.


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