Metropolitan Universities journal (MUJ) invites submissions for an issue on Exploring the Role of Higher Education in Prison and Returning Citizens on Campuses and Communities, featuring guest editors Darren Wheelock and Theresa Tobin from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. This issue will explore how higher education institutions address issues related to education in prison, reentry, and returning citizens in the community. More colleges and universities facilitate programs, research centers, and initiatives dedicated to higher education in prison and for returning citizens.

Call for manuscripts: Exploring the Role of Higher Education in Prison and Returning Citizens on Campuses and Communities

This call for complete, full manuscripts is open to all authors who are engaged in the scholarly exploration of programs, initiatives, and/or research centers that implement support for returning citizens or facilitate higher education in prison and its impact on campuses and communities.

The journal seeks manuscripts that provide critical, evidence-based, theory-building, and/or exploratory studies submissions that are inquiry-focused and provide implications for practice. Ideally, authors will examine evidence and practice that have been in place long enough to show positive or negative results as documented through data collection, research and/or evaluation processes. Manuscripts using qualitative or quantitative measures are welcome, as well as pieces that present lines of inquiry, theory-building pieces, community-based research, practice-based research, and other methodological approaches. To allow readers to apply ideas and strategies in other settings, authors should provide a clear description of the challenges and lessons learned.

Manuscripts that offer descriptions of initiatives without relevant data will not be accepted (e.g., program descriptions alone). Priority will be given to manuscripts that address one of these topics or their intersection: higher education in prison, reentry/returning citizens, impact on campuses and communities, exploring and interrogating the role of higher education institutions in prison education.

Potential topics include:

  • Partnership development, partnership transitions, and community relations to facilitate higher education in prison and for returning citizens
  • Mechanisms for community involvement across higher education in prison initiatives focused on underserved communities
  • Institutional infrastructure of faculty, staff, and community members for higher education in prison and for returning citizens
  • Funding and fiscal management for higher education in prison programs
  • Data and analytics for higher education in prison or returning citizens programs/initiatives
  • Innovative efforts at evaluation and assessment beyond just “recidivism”
  • Technological, virtual, and/or other digital approaches for higher education in prison or returning citizens programs/initiatives.
  • Impact on communities and campuses of higher education in prison initiatives

Manuscript submission guidelines

We invite submissions of manuscripts by May 1, 2024. Submissions should be prepared in accordance with the MUJ Article Submission and Editorial Guidelines and should be no more than 7,000 words (exclusive of tables, references, etc.). Manuscripts should be evidence-based with a clear line of inquiry. Manuscripts should be clear and concise. Preference is given to those manuscripts that demonstrate innovation and impact and include perspectives across multiple institutions. Shorter submissions for this issue will be considered. This issue is scheduled for publication in December 2024/January 2025.

Please direct any questions regarding this issue to guest editors:

  • Darren Wheelock, associate professor in social and cultural sciences
    director, McNeely Prison Education Consortium (MPEC)
    Marquette University
  • Theresa W. Tobin, associate professor of philosophy
    director, Education Preparedness Program (EPP)
    Marquette University


Patrick M. Green, editor, Metropolitan Universities journal at