Call for Abstracts: “Shared Spaces” Created And Used To Promote Greater Collaboration

Call for Abstracts: Development and use of “Shared Spaces” Created and used to Promote Greater Collaboration between Campus and Community

You are invited to submit for review a one-page, single-spaced abstract describing your interest in developing a full article relevant to the issue theme – the development and use of “shared spaces” created and used to promote greater collaboration between campus and community. These physical spaces may be located on campus or in community settings but must be dedicated and operated with an intent of enhancing levels of communications activity, interaction and impact. Abstracts should emphasize motivation/purposes and goals for the shared space, as well foreshadow what the full paper will say about operations, funding, results, impacts, challenges, lessons learned, and successes.

Submission Guidelines:

Anyone interested in submitting a paper for this special issue should first submit a one-page single-spaced abstract. It should include the name(s) of prospective author(s) and relevant contact information.

Abstracts should be emailed to the guest editor, Heidi Barajas at

Abstracts are due June 30, 2015. The publication is tentatively scheduled for November 2015.