The Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities was founded with the purpose of bringing together leaders and scholars to share, discuss, and debate important issues facing our unique institutions and the cities we serve. We thank those who support our mission through their generous support of our Annual Conference.

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Learn about opportunities to promote products and services, network face-to-face, and establish strategic partnerships with decision-makers from campuses across the United States.

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The CUMU Annual Conference is the largest nationwide meeting of leaders from urban and metropolitan universities and colleges. CUMU consists of a community of college presidents and chancellors, senior academic and business leaders, faculty, center directors, community partners, K-12 leaders, economic and workforce development professionals, and policy makers.

The 2017 conference was our largest yet; a sold-out crowd of 400 came to Denver to connect with and learn from speakers and presentations from across our membership. With more than 15 colleges and universities located in and around the Denver Metropolitan Area, the city served as an important backdrop for discussing the issues critical to urban and metropolitan institutions and the values that unite CUMU member institutions.

Connecting with others doing inspirational and like-work is vital to growing our institution’s mission as a premier engaged university and helps to create new models to translate into the work that we do.

My favorite part of the CUMU Conference was learning about the various models for community/university relationships. I liked that the presenters shared the triumphs and the challenges.

There are other institutions facing the same challenges we face at our institutions and we can learn from each other. I learned about some great practices occurring at other universities that we can implement.

Having now been at two CUMU schools, I know the value of the CUMU organization. The work inspires productive and mission-centered collaborations across interests that don’t easily find ways and means to connect. That re-centering on aligning actions and decisions with mission and on stretching our concepts of scholarship and responsibility – and celebrating student growth as they participate – creates fertile space for inspired leadership.

Among the higher education leaders generally in attendance are:

  • Presidents/Chancellors
  • Provosts
  • Vice Presidents/Chancellors of Academic Affairs
  • Vice Presidents/Chancellors of Administration
  • Vice Presidents/Chancellors of Technology Systems
  • Vice Presidents/Vice Chancellors of Outreach and Engagement
  • Vice Presidents/Vice Chancellors of Research
  • Vice Presidents/Chancellors of Student Affairs
  • Community Partners
  • K-12 Education Leaders
  • Deans of Education
  • Deans of Fine Arts and Communications
  • Deans of Lifelong Learning
  • Deans of Business
  • Directors Enrollment
  • Directors of Service-Learning and Community Engagement
  • Directors of University and Community Partnerships
  • Policy Makers
  • Senior Business Affairs Officers
  • Senior Government Affairs Officers
  • Senior Public Affairs Officers
  • Senior Development Officers
  • Senior Engagement Officers
  • Faculty
  • Association Presidents and Executive Directors