The Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities is dedicated to its member institutions and to the creation and dissemination of knowledge on the issues that face our urban and metropolitan campuses and the communities we serve. CUMU’s mission ensures sustained attention to the exchange of information and ideas among member institutions about higher education’s role in urban and metropolitan settings, engenders a unified approach to the resolution of common challenges, and develops a clearer understanding within the higher education community and among public policy makers and the public about the distinctive roles played by urban and metropolitan institutions.

CUMU’s objectives are achieved through strategies, programs, and activities that support research and information exchange, institutional engagement and service, and public information and advocacy.

Idea Exchange

CUMU promotes the exchange of ideas, experiences, and research outcomes among member institutions and partners throughout urban and metropolitan areas.


CUMU acquaints faculty, administrators, policy makers, and the public with tools and approaches for assessing the unique contributions, quality, impact, and productivity of member institutions.

Public Service

CUMU provides a forum for the presentation of ideas and opinions on the role of urban and metropolitan universities in addressing the challenges of our cities.


CUMU assists urban and metropolitan universities in shaping and adapting structures, policies, and practices to enhance their effectiveness as anchor institutions.