The Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities is an international affiliate organization of universities in large metropolitan areas that share common understandings of their institutional missions and values. Institutions located in urban and metropolitan areas often do not fit the model of more traditional colleges and universities. CUMU was formed in 1989 by leaders of metropolitan and urban institutions who realized their unique challenges and opportunities as they looked to the future of higher education.

CUMU is dedicated to its member institutions and to the creation and dissemination of knowledge on the issues that face our urban and metropolitan campuses and the communities we serve. As those issues grow, so does the complexity of community and campus-wide engagement. CUMU works to:

  • Create a unique community for presidents and chancellors to exchange shared challenges and successes
  • Convene national and regional conferences and conversations to address these issues
  • Connect member institutions with external partners to promote new opportunities for change
  • Engage stakeholders and members through informal and formal networks and affinity groups
  • Share the latest ideas and trends shaping the future of higher education through the Metropolitan Universities journal
  • Maintain and disseminate data on our member institutions and their impact
  • Partner with leading public policy organizations to amplify our voice

Partner Organizations

CUMU partners with organizations focused on supporting public policy initiatives that impact urban and metropolitan universities and the communities they serve. Additionally, CUMU supports higher education associations that focus on developing the next generation of leaders of urban and metropolitan universities.