Call for Manuscripts

Metropolitan Universities journal is accepting full manuscripts for the upcoming 2024 CUMU Conference Issue: Beyond Boundaries. The issue is scheduled for publication in summer 2025 and the call is open to presenters at the conference.

About the Conference

This 2024 CUMU Conference focuses on the extension and reach of campuses and cities, and the relationship between them. Our vision for urban higher education is not bounded by our campus borders. Our actions today reach beyond yesterday’s accomplishments and toward tomorrow’s possibilities. We are vital members of our local, regional, and global communities. We expand affordable access for students to participate in postsecondary education and the workforce. We reach above and beyond to create opportunities for engaged citizenship. We explore across disciplinary boundaries to ask and answer our most pressing questions. And we build bridges that span real and perceived boundaries to enhance the well-being of our students, communities, and regions.

The 2024 CUMU Conference Issue, Beyond Boundaries, invites presenters to reflect on the vision of higher education to address the possibilities of tomorrow, to create opportunities for engaged citizenship, to explore the most pressing issues of our communities, and build bridges that span boundaries and cross borders. Successful submissions critically examine and use evidence to describe the impact of practices, policies, and structures, and identify strategies and actionable steps for building resiliency across campuses and cities that align with the following themes

  • anchor collaborations and strategies
  • racial equity and justice
  • hyperlocal, place-based community engagement
  • social and economic mobility
  • policy and change
  • student success and well-being
  • Public scholarship to enhance campus-community partnerships

Submission Guidelines

  • Only presenters at the 2024 CUMU Conference in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN may submit for publication.
  • Submissions should be prepared and submitted in accordance with the MUJ Editorial and Submission Guidelines.
  • All presentation formats will be considered for inclusion. Submissions should take into account the outcomes of the presentations.
  • Manuscripts should be clear and concise.
  • Manuscripts should be evidence-based with a clear line of inquiry, an articulated scholarly approach to such inquiry, and implications for practice.
  • Preference is given to those manuscripts that demonstrate innovation and impact and include perspectives across multiple institutions.

Manuscripts are due December 1, 2024.

Submit complete manuscripts following the MUJ Editorial and Submission Guidelines.

Please direct any questions regarding this issue to:

About Metropolitan Universities journal (MUJ)

Metropolitan Universities journal (MUJ) is the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities’ quarterly online journal. Founded in 1990, the journal disseminates scholarship on cutting-edge topics impacting urban and metropolitan colleges and universities. It is a peer-reviewed, open access publication—which means that it employs traditional methods of evaluating manuscripts while ensuring that those accepted for publication are freely available to anyone interested in the issues and themes covered. MUJ’s readership includes those working to address issues facing modern universities and the communities they serve. Authors bring diverse institutional and professional perspectives to showcasing applications of theory and best practices to these issues.